AD3 Analytics

— Supply Chains Made Smarter —
Using the power of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and the Cloud, AD3 is able to deliver optimal inventory management solutions that scale across global supply chains.

Decisions via Optimal Machine Learning (OML)

Unlike current supply chain planning software that rely on stylized mathematical models which make strong mathematical assumptions, we take a data driven approach where the input data is used to directly drive the end decisions. Our decision framework has been carefully designed to produce optimal solutions (unlike most machine learning formulations which do not guarantee optimal results). Our approach also reduces reliance on forecast accuracy for supply chain planning and adjusts for human biases in supply chain decision makings.

Digital Twin (Parallel Universe)

Supply chain planners need a way to quantify the impact of both past and future scenarios in order to evaluate risk mitigation strategies, adapt their supply chain structure, and make better decisions. AD3 is the first to build a tool, the supply chain digital twin, that gives planners these capabilities. The digital twin uses the granular data from AD3's data storage solution in order to create a parallel universe where the underlying world - the decisions, supply, inventory, etc. - can all be changed and the resulting performance can be accurately measured.

End-to-End Data Storage and Visualization

Data is commonly scattered throughout organizations, leading to poor visibility and making any data manipulation & analysis incredibly painful. We created an end-to-end data storage system which works in conjunction with existing database systems to pool data across teams, locations, and products. With our storage solution and connectors to modern data visualization software like Tableau, users can now easily access and visualize end-to-end data from the entire supply chain.